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You could call us God-centered, biblical, and relevant. You could call us Reformed. You could call us Presbyterian. You could call us family-integrated, and you should see how much we love children. Have you seen the difference in a church that takes weekly communion? You have to see it to believe it.

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Do I have to be appointed by God to do stuff?

We come to some decisions in our lives and in the church where we are looking for certitude, for confidence to help us move forward. Some people wonder if elders and deacons (the officers in the church) are appointed by God, or elected, or both, or neither.  Let’s look at the pattern in the Bible of how someone gets picked to do…

Don’t be shaken by The Shack

Most of you know about William Paul Young’s best-seller The Shack. It has stayed in the public eye for years due to its emotional storyline and controversial theology. With millions of books in print and devoted readers speaking of changed lives, a movie could not be far away. And now it’s here.  This has reignited the debate about the book, the message, and the…