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You could call us God-centered, biblical, and relevant. You could call us Reformed. You could call us Presbyterian. You could call us family-integrated, and you should see how much we love children. But you have to see it to believe it.

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Presentation to Islamic Society of Hernando County Sept 17, 2016

Assalamu alaikum (Ah-sah-lam-u ah-lie-e-kum)! Thank you for your hospitality and interest in gathering tonight. May it be the first of many peaceful gatherings where we learn to love our neighbor and seek his good and understand one another. My desire over the next 25 minutes is to briefly explain the core of biblical Christianity. I feel the same burden of time as…

Generosity and Grace by Tim Keller

Dayspring is facing some financial challenges that the Officers will talk about over the next couple of weeks. This sort of teaching from Scripture is helping us understand how to build on the work that God has been doing in our hearts in Ephesians. Read and see how God’s grace and the good works of stewardship and generosity flow together.  In the…

“They Unchurched the Church!”

So many churches have, in an effort to reach the unchurched, unchurched themselves. Instead of being aweful, they’ve become awful.  Here’s an insightful article about that problem at Gospel Coalition. I’m glad to serve at Dayspring PCA where we’ve gone a different direction.